Ginger Bug

Ginger Bug

An easy ferment used to make your own soda among other drinks! Very tasty and simple!

2 tbsp. grated ginger (skin still on)
1/3 cup filtered water
2 tbsp. sugar

1 pint jar

  1. Put ginger, sugar, and water in jar and stir until sugar has dissolved.
  2. Cover jar with tea towel, other breathable cloth, or coffee filter and secure with jar ring or rubber band. Set on kitchen counter.
  3. Stir mixture a couple times a day. Feed it by adding an extra teaspoon of sugar, tablespoon of ginger and a little water once a day.
  4. Once jar is full, it is ready for use. Reserve some in jar and continually feed it to keep a constant source of ginger bug. 🐞🐞🐞😄


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